ForeWord Magazine: reviews “A Circle of Souls,” in its July/August 2009 issue: Mysteries from Newcomers and Old Hands.

From Linda Fairstein’s Blog:

A CIRCLE OF SOULS and the expert who wrote it

By Linda Fairstein

IF you missed this extraordinary book the first time it appeared, A CIRCLE OF SOULS is now in bookstores, in paperback - a really stunning display of psychological suspense.  Talk about writing what you know, the book is authored by Preetham Grandhi, a child psychiatrist who has written a debut novel that is as gripping as anything I’ve read.  Dr. Grandhi is not only a brilliant scientist (I met him because his father-in-law, a protege of my late father’s, really saved my mother’s life…and Preetham became part of the team, until the end).  The story is very unconventional, and a wonderful change from the genre in which I usually read.  I just picked up the book for a second time (I read it first two years ago)…and it reveals something different this time around.  Haunting and enlightening, I commend A CIRCLE OF SOULS to you with very high praise.

From Confetti Antiques and books (To read the full review click here) by Jeffery Needle

“This is Grandhi’s first novel, and it’s a real gem. It’s absolutely

pitch-perfect in every way: scary when it should be scary, comforting when it should be comforting. My innards cringed when they should have cringed; I was able to breathe when I was supposed to breathe.”

““A Circle of Souls” is just about the best novel I’ve read in years,hands down.”

From Melissa’s Book Shelf (To read the full review click here) by Melissa

“Perhaps what impressed me the most about this book was the level of detail that Mr. Grandhi included, yet wrote it in a way that does not bog down the reader. His background in child psychology is obvious and makes this story that much more intriguing and intense. He has a great ability to write the story from a child's perspective when necessary and his own love of children is evident--he really writes those elements of the book with great care. So in A Circle of Souls, instead of finding a story that proves cold and cynical as is so typical with crime novels, Mr. Grandhi has managed to inject a lot of heart and soul into the story. Leia Bines, Peter Gram, and the various law enforcement officials are all warm beings with a strong desire to help and protect children.

More than a crime novel, A Circle of Souls also has paranormal and spiritual elements, as a young girl's dreams end up being clues to solve a brutal murder of another child. Here, Grandhi turns to Indian beliefs in the role of the soul and predestination, among other traditions. It truly makes for a fascinating read and a bit of insight into the Indian culture.

In the end I didn't have a very difficult time concluding who the murderer was, but Grandhi's writing keeps you turning the pages to see everything resolved. The chapters are generally short and shift the focus back and forth between the two converging storylines, which is a great momentum-builder. I really thought that A Circle of Souls was a great debut novel and I look forward to seeing what Mr. Grandhi has to offer in the future.”

From Book Readers Heaven by Glenda

“Dr. Preetham Grandhi’s, A Circle of Souls, is not only a fantastic psychological suspense novel, it’s sp-ooooo-ky! I loved it!

A Circle of Souls by Preetham Grandhi is a beautifully written walk into a mystical world of suspense. Readers are caught with clues that could mean this one, or that one, but are not really sure until the very end. At the same time, the loving way in which Grandhi writes and talks about the children in the psychiatric unit reveals his own personal commitment to his New York patients. Much applause for his novel and his work! I’ll be trackling Preetham Grandhi, hoping he has another novel coming soon!”

From (To read the full review click here) by Gail

“Short chapters and shifting viewpoints keep the momentum brisk and the entertainment level high. Grandhi paints a realistic picture of an appalling murder and peppers his prose with police procedures and forensic details that are accurate and real. Details about Indian culture and beliefs add depth. The multi-cultural characters are memorable and the author skillfully evokes their emotions. Forget about sleep - this suspenseful page-turning thriller will keep you reading far into the night.”  

From Beth’s Book Review Blog (To read the full review click here) by Beth

“This one gets nine stars. I found myself immediately drawn into the intricately woven, beautifully written story. The characters were well-rounded and I felt myself genuinely caring about them. The book brought me close to tears at points, and left me smiling. This was a wonderful suspense with a stunningly beautiful message to it. Definitely highly recommended”

From by Breezie (To read the full review click here)

“This was a very satisfying thrill ride of twists and turns that had a superb ending. I highly recommend this book.”

From LDS Forever Friends Book Nook (To read the full review click here)

“Forever Friends Rating 5 Stars by Teri”

From (To read the full review click here) by Beverly J Rowe

“Grandhi's debut novel is a gripping psychological thriller that stretches its genre, with a surprising but satisfying climax. It really gave me some things to think about.”

A Circle of Souls Reviewed By Cindy Bauer Of (To read the full review click here)

“As a debut novel, the author has done very well and I’m looking forward to future works. A definite must read!”

From Jewels World (To read the full review click here)

“The story kept me glued to my seat and biting my nails. I couldn't put it down, except for a couple of time to calm my thumping heart down.”

From That’s a novel idea (To read the full review click here) by Alison Rotich

“This is Preetham Grandhi's debut novel, and if this is any sign of what his future will looks bright.”

From Libby’s Literary Library by Elizabeth. N.

“A Circle of Souls gets a big thumbs up. Dr. Grandhi - thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to read your book, and have it be my very first review. My copy of A Circle of Souls, will be displayed proudly on my bookshelf!”

From The Paranormal Librarian (To read the full review click here)

“Strongly recommended as a welcome addition to lovers of suspense, the paranormal, crime stories, and a good read. Set aside time to read with this will not want to put it down until the last page.”

From Author Junction (To read the full review click here)

“The author draws from his own expertise to establish a believable and honest character dealing with something unique and inspiring.”

From Review It (To read the full review click here)

“Occasionally a book comes along where you are reluctant to put it down. The story so strong, the telling so powerful that you put your life on hold and enter the magic of the written word.”

From A Few of My Favorite Things (To read the full review click here) by Dixie

“Last night I sat up and read the debut novel, A Circle of Souls by Preetham Grandhi. I started the book yesterday and thought I'd read a while before bedtime as is my habit. I did not stop until the end. This engrossing story captured me, and I must say held me until the final page.”

From The Book Inn (To read the full review click here)

“I had to find out what this psycho was going to do next ! You know when your watching a movie and you know where the killer is and your yelling at the police "he's over there, can't you see that??!!" That's how i felt throughout the story, i was sitting on the edge of my seat, tensed and hoping when i turned the page the police would figure it out!”

From Brooke Reviews by Brooke

“A Circle of Souls is Preetham Grandhi’s debut novel, and the time, passion, and hard work that went into piecing together this story are evident. The characters are all well developed. The story has fantastic flow – even with multiple points of view, and the medical side is intriguing – never boring. Dr. Peter Gram and Agent Leia Bines are great lead characters, they are easy to like, and make you care about the children they work for. I’m always skeptical when the point-of-view of children is entered into adult books, but it is pulled off flawlessly. Never once did I feel like Janet or Naya sounded too childish, and I believe this is because it’s told in the third person. The chapters are short which I feel add to the easy flow of the book. I felt like I was just breezing through the story! This paranormal/murder-mystery is definitely staying in my collection, and I applaud Grandhi for taking on such an intense and thorough tale for his first novel

From You gotta read reviews (To read the full review click here) By Roberta

“Have you ever picked up a book and couldn't put it down? Have you ever lost all track of time while reading? Well, be prepared to do all these things once you pick up this masterful story.”

From Sandie Lee On Writing and Life by Sandie Lee

“A Circle of Souls is fast-paced and cleverly written. Just when you think you have the killer figured out, Grandhi throws a curveball and takes you on another thrilling ride.”

From Layers of thought (To read the full review click here) by Shellie

“I truly enjoyed A Circle of Souls. It was like reading an American thriller, but with a touch of the exotic - just a hint of curry and spice - all blending smoothly into a story that I did not want to finish but couldn't put down. Very appetizing! I'm hoping for a sequel?”

From Bloody Bad Book Blogs by Trin

“A Circle of Souls is just the right name for this book. Every character has seen or felt some sort of trauma in their lives and they all come together in this amazing story of death, mystery and soul searching. The characters are well draw and you can feel their pain, joy, strength and weakness.”

From Reading Mama (To read the full review click here)

“I am so glad that Preetham Grandhi asked me to review A Circle of Souls. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a great read. Everything about this book was just right. This psychological thriller pulled me in from the very beginning. Grandhi weaves a very intense tale.

I was unable to figure out who did it until Grandhi reveled all. The ending was an OMG ending. I kept saying OMG until everything was resolved.

This book is a definite read. Just don't read this book across from a boat house like I did.”

By Lavanya Karthik of (To read the full review click here)

“‘A Circle..’  is a well structured, edge of the seat thriller  that neatly marries psychiatry with the paranormal.”

From Silvia Reads (To read the full review click here)

“This is a must read if you like thrillers.

A CIRCLE OF SOULS is a very well written, fantastic thriller with well developed characters, many unexpected twists and suspense. This novel had me captivated from start to finish. The author has done an outstanding job of keeping the reader guessing and entertained right to the end.”

From Cheryl’s Book Nook (To read the full review click here) by Cheryl

“A Circle of Souls is Preetham Grandhi debut novel. A Circle of Souls is a brilliant, psychological thriller that will leave you memorized. It will have you questioning legends from reality. All of the characters had really great dimension. I could connect with them all.”

From Stacy’s Bookblog (To read the full review click here) by Stacy

“This is a great psychological thriller.  It was fast-paced with a compelling story.  There was enough information to tell you who did it and enough doubt to make it interesting.  This was really a fun read and I am very impressed that this is Preetham’s first book.”

From A Hook...Line...And A Girl by Kasey

“This is a book that drew me in from the first few pages. A Circle Of Souls is the debut book for Preetham Grandhi. I expected a typical murder mystery, but what I got was something else completely. It definitely was a page turner. I didn't want to put it down until I had finished reading from cover to cover.”

From Tristi’s Takes by Tristi

“"A Circle of Souls" was riveting and suspenseful. There were a few places that might not work for readers who tend to be squeamish - the book isn't extremely graphic, but it's described well enough to paint a mental picture. That's the hallmark of a good book, but I do issue the caution in case you are easily affected by things of a gruesome nature. That aside, the book was well-written, the characters were realistic, and I found myself much impressed.”

From Bellas Novella (To read the full review click here) by Ashley

“the book was absolutely intriguing. You know it has to be good if Judge Judy is recommending it right?

From A Book and A Dish (To read the full review click here) by Martha

“A Circle of Souls was not only a book that kept my attention from beginning to end but also a book that enlightened me in the care of children in the psychiatric units of these special hospitals. And who better to write this story than a doctor devoted to the care of these special children... Dr. Preetham Grandhi”

From My Hobbies (To read the full review click here) by Bethany

“A circle of Souls is Preetham Grandhi's break out novel and I must say it is a great way to start a writing career. Grandhi introduces the reader to many different characters but through out the story you see how each person's story ties together for the main story.

I definitely recommend this book to others who like a book that keeps you guessing until the very end.”

From Genre Reviews (To read the full review click here) by Debbie

“The book was fast-paced and had realistic characters. The world-building was very good. The details relating to the psychiatrist were very good and immersed the reader into his world.”

From Falling Off The Shelf (To read the full review click here) by Jenni

“I read this book in a mere two days and enjoyed it very much. It was very easy to read, and author Preetham Grandhi has a way of wording this novel so that it flows nicely. He gives his characters lots of feeling and depth, making them come alive.”

From My Blog 2.0 (To read the full review click here) by Dottie

“A Circle of Souls by Preetham Grandhi is a gripping psychological thriller combined with Eastern Mysticism that grabs your attention, making the re-evaluation of various legends, lore, and myths a possibility.

A Circle of Souls is a story that leads the reader toward their greatest fear and every parent's worse nightmare, the loss of a child, especially to the fate that exists in this story. It is gripping, hair raising, and wonderfully told. The title of the this book, A Circle of Souls, aptly describes what happens within the pages, as one souls existence leads to another, a destiny continued. The cover art used describes the feelings and emotions conjured in the story, as well as location. This is the first book by this young author, but I have a feeling it will not be his last. I enjoyed the paranormal aspects of this novel and the ability of this author to create the need to believe in the unbelievable. This was a very quick read, it only took this reader just a few hours from cover to cover; I didn't want to let the story go.”

From Booking Mama (To read the full review click here) by Julie

“One of the best things about this novel was how the author did a great job of building suspense. Each chapter left off in such a way that I felt I had to keep reading. As a result, I read about two-thirds of the book in one sitting because I had to find out what happened.”

From The Girls On Books by Rowan

“Grandhi’s, debut novel, grabbed me from the get go and did not let go till the surprising but satisfying ending. It really gave me some things to think about when it comes to psychiatry and also visions.”

From Life Happens While Books Are Waiting (To read the full review click here) by Pam

“This book was wonderful to read and challenging to review for some reason (hard to put it into words) , but I can highly recommend it. A Circle of Souls will make you think for a long time after you read the last page.”

From A Reading Collection (To read the full review click here) by Helen

“A Circle of Souls is Dr. Preetham Grandi's debut novel, and it's such a priviledge to read it. The book is a real page turner that has kept me at the edge of my seat. If I didn't have any commitments that afternoon, I think I would have finished the book in one day. The pacing is fast as if the author isn't likely to waste time. The book takes the reader for a thrilling ride.”

From Confessions... of a Real Librarian (To read the full review click here)

“This novel contains so much more than just a man-hunt. The psychological aspects involving the children in the book, combined with some Indian beliefs, and an assortment of characters who are both necessary to the telling of the story and believable in their roles make this book a page turning novel. There were some surprises and a couple of twists I wasn’t expecting.”

From Heather Sphere by Heather

“In A Circle of Souls, Dr. Preetham Grandhi deftly weaves seemingly unrelated sub plots into an intricate story. Personally, this book grabbed me from the very first page and held me to the last. The suspense builds in this thriller as the characters develop personal insight and involvement by necessity or professional dedication. Particularly appealing and of note is Dr. Preetham Grandhi’s integration of his cultural background and his professional experience as a child psychiatrist into this intelligent thriller. I’ve read all the greats, and A Circle of Souls holds its own. This is a definite must-read.”

From Wendy’s Minding Spot (To read the full review click here) by Wendy

“A Circle of Souls is very hard to put down. I read it in one sitting! A psychological thriller of magnificent proportions. Wonderful characters, a well thought out plot, and descriptive just enough to make you want take this wonderful thrilling ride with him. His background in psychology is obvious and he uses that to his advantage is making A Circle of Souls comfortable to the reader.  One of the best books I’ve read this year – hands down!”

From Never Ending Shelf by Kate

“A Circle of Souls is Preetham Grandhi's debut novel. However, there is nothing about this novel that makes the reader feel like it's his first. The world that Grandhi creates pulls you in from page one and does not let go. Everything about this novel is fully developed-- the characters, the scenery, the plot. The novel flows wonderfully through alternating points of view letting the read fully understand every angle of this fantastic plot. I really enjoyed getting to know Dr. Peter Gram and Agent Leia Bines since they are fabulous lead characters. They are easy to like, and their passion for their work is obvious.”

From OMG Books! (To read the full review click here) by Kelli

“I love Preetham Grandhi's style of writing. Even though it's a murder mystery novel with a paranormal twist, that is mainly from 4 points of views: The killer, The FBI agent, a 7 year old with vivid dreams, and the psychiatrist that is treating her, the story was surprisingly clean, without unnecessary amounts of gore to get the point across. I can't even recall a single "choice" word being actually used, except for the author implying that one had been used. Which means, if you normally get a little queasy at the thought of a book like this, please don't hesitate with this one. I promise you won't regret it! Also, this book had a really easy flow to it, and is definitely a page turner!”

From Vixen’s Daily Reads (To read the full review click here) by Vickie

This is an amazingly fast book to read. The story moves along at a good clip, divided between the doctor's story, the investigators', the killer, the children. Having Lady K in my life, I had a hard time reading the sections dealing with the abduction and murder of 7 year old girl, but Grandhi handles it well and wasn't superfluously awful in detail.

The author is a psychiatrist working with young children and it shows in the writing. He seems more comfortable writing the scenes with Dr Peter Gram. I could feel the emotions Gram went through: warmth and concern working with Naya, aggravation with the insurance pre-authorization agents, disconcerted as he comprehended the metaphysical aspects of the investigation.

I stayed up late several nights to read "just one more more chapter". The book affected my dreams the night I stopped reading after a chapter dealing with the killer. I made sure I stopped after a Dr Gram chapter after that.”

From Emerald Fire’s Bookmark by Emerald Fire

“I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a touch of the supernatural about their mysteries. I give this book five candles.”

From S.A.G.A. (To read the full review click here) by Renee

“A Circle of Souls is a murder/crime mystery, a paranormal thriller and even a medical drama all mixed in one book. If you are easily offended by non-Christian faith's beliefs and practices, this book is not for you. But if you're not, then this book will keep you turning the pages until the very end.”

From Hodgepodgespv (To read the full review click here) by Sandy

“It is a really good read and moves quite quickly. I do so hope you get to read it soon. I also hope this this debut novel is not a "one of" so that there is another novel coming from him. Soon.”

From Steals and Deals by Mandy

“The book is very clean with very little to no bad language and the author keeps the gore to a very minimal. Definitely rated PG to PG-13. A Circle of Souls is a quick read and a page turner.”

From NY Book Cafe by Jennifer

“A Circle of Souls is certainly a suspenseful novel. The characters are well developed. Author, Preetham Grandhi is a child psychiatrist, which makes for more credible and realistic reading. With a surprising twist of events in the culmination of the story, A Circle of Souls is a definite must read.”

From Madeleine’s Book & Photo Blog by Madeleine

“This story revolves around the murder of a 10 year old girl, Janet who is missing and consequently found murdered. Three characters in this thriller held my attention, Naya a 7 year old Indian girl, Dr. Gram, her psychiatrist and Leia, an FBI agent. ( I can see those characters in a future thriller even so this novel stands alone, just a thought) The characters are well formed and the story line flows. I finished this novel/thriller in less than 2 days.”

From Heather’s Books by Heather

“The is Mr. Grandhi's first book and I have to say I as first books go this one is amazing. I loved the writing style, the flow of the story, and his knowledge about the medical field.

Peter the psychologist, and Leia the FBI agent both have a keen understanding of their fields of expertise. Leia wants to find the murderer, and Peter wants to help his patient Naya. As they both work their respective fields it becomes very clear that the person that committed the murder was one disturbed person.

If you like mysteries and a good story line then this is a book for you. I have to say that I will be looking for more books from him in the future.”

From Bibliotica (To read the full review click here)

“One of the ways I judge the quality of a novel is how willing I am to put it down and resume a non-reading activity. This book kept me enthralled to the point where I could not sleep until I knew what had happened.”

From Book Journey (To read the full review click here) by Sheila

Most impressive I found was for this type of read, Preetham did not once use any foul language.  In two occasions an obsenity is mentioned, but never verbalized.  I was impressed that this route was taken as so often this is not the case and books of this nature can be overloaded with language that the authors must feel breathe more life into to their characters.

I have mentioned recently that I have been craving a good mystery/thriller.  This book filled that hunger.  I encourage readers who enjoy a good mystery/thriller to find your way to a copy of this book and make sure you have set aside several hours as you are not going to want to put it down.”

From Beyond Books (To read the full review click here)

“But, aside from the tiny irks I had with common plot devices I really did enjoy this book. I could not put it down. And the chapters were really short so it felt like I was reading faster than normal. haha! It’s one of those “ok, I’ll just read to the end of the next chapter and then take a break” only to realize the chapter was only 3 pages, so you decide to read another, then another and suddenly a couple of hours have gone by and you forgot to eat lunch. Oops.”

From Dan’s Journal (To read the full review click here)

“Preetham Grandhi has written an outstanding murder mystery with “A Circle of Souls”. This debut novel comes as a surprise as it is well written and had me wondering and guessing what was going on. In mixing spiritual beliefs and modern medicine, he has created an intense story. You feel for the characters and it is easy to read and understand. I was able to finish it in two days.”

From Reading At The Beach by Vicki

“This is Preetham Grandhi's debut novel, but you wouldn't know that from reading the book. A Circle Of Souls is full of suspense and alternates between different view points which added to the thrill of the book. The author has added some medical, psychological and supernatural elements, which I loved. The connection between Dr. Gram and Naya fascinated me, as did every paragraph, especially Naya's dreams and drawings. This was an amazing book and I don't think it could have been written any better. I could go on and on about this book, but I won't. I will just say that if you like suspense, this is definitely a "Must Read"!!! A Circle Of Souls is one that you won't want to put down. Before I knew it, I was at the end.

I will definitely be looking forward to more from this amazing author”

From Confessions of a Book Habitue (To read the full review click here)

“Different stories, threads and viewpoints are woven together into a wonderful tale.

Definitely recommended, though it is maybe a bit creepy... so you might not want to finish it late at night... (And I wonder why I'm always tired.)”

From Vintage DM by Dusty

“This psychological and paranormal thriller commands the reader’s attention and drags them into the story by their collar from page one.  It is a true page turner that is irresistible and devastating to put down.  There is a perfect balance of plot and character development, suspense, climax and closure tied together with smooth, fluid prose.  The feelings of connection to the characters Dr. Peter Gram, Naya Hastings and Detective Leia Bines that the writer invokes, will pull you into the novel irrevocably through the end and leave you anxious to see what Preetham Grandhi will put forth next.”

From (To read the full review click here) by Sheila

“By the end of the novel, the murder is resolved. Several cultures have collided with a mixture of pain and joy. And the characters, once devoted only to work, have moved on and begun to change. The dark recesses of the human mind have been exposed, leaving the reader filled with sympathy that might once have been denied. And mysteries unknown are still hard or impossible to explain. They’re just a little more real.”

From News Blaze (To read the full review click here) by Clark Isaacs

“A Circle of Souls is a psychological thriller, mixed with suspense, the supernatural, strange cultural phenomenon, and the fascinating world of child behavior. Grandhi has the ability to open your mind and pull you into the characters' lives so fast that you cannot put the book down. His experience, together with his unique background, plainly shows the pure, honest, and natural behavior of children. At the same time, he delves into the demented, deep, dark, depths of delusion and its subsequent atrocities.

This is an adventure in the "who-done-it" idiom that will keep you speculating. Highly recommended!”

From Book Magic (To read the full review click here)

“This is the author's debut novel and I would read his next novel because I think he has a lot of potential and is an author to keep an eye on.”

From One Librarians Book Reviews (To read the full review click here) by Melissa

“This was a book I couldn't put down. I had to keep reading, to know what happened next. It definitely kept me interested and yearning for more. I don't usually pick up thrillers or murder stories, but this one went light(er) on the gory details and more about the psychology and feelings of all the people involved. I loved Grandhi's treatment of the children in the story - it was compassionate and understanding.”

From Psychotic State (To read the full review click here) by Lori

“Ultimately, though, Circle of Souls is a mystery and a thriller. And a well done one at that. I enjoyed every moment reading this book and was saddened to have it end, although the ending was very satisfying.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good mystery or thriller, but more importantly to anyone who enjoys a well put together story with vibrant characters.

Here is hoping that A Circle of Souls is the first of many books to come from Preetham Grandhi.”

From Whimpulsive (To read the full review click here) by Suzi Q

“There was a lot that I liked about this book. Despite the brutal murder that opens it, the story doesn’t wallow in gruesomeness. It’s more of a psychological thriller with a bit of a paranormal twist. It’s a fast paced book with short chapters rotating focus on several of the characters. Each one leaves off with just enough of a cliffhanger to make the reader want to know what happens next.”

From The Printed Page

I know it’s a good book when I’ve read within 80 pages of the end in one day (257 of 339) and I’m too cross-eyed to stay up until the wee, wee hours of the morning and read any more. Taking into consideration that A Circle of Souls is a debut novel for Mr. Grandhi and could use a bit of polishing around the edges the storyline itself will keep you turning pages and entertained. I devoured this one within 24 hours of starting. If Mr. Grandhi’s continues his writing career I will continue to read his books.”

From Well Read Reviews

“I enjoyed “A Circle of Souls” for it’s storyline as Grandhi introduces us to many different cultures and folklore. “A Circle of Souls” will be an ideal paranormal murder mystery for young adults wanting to work their way into literature with adult topics.”

From Indu (To read the full review click here)

“This is Preetham Grandhi's debut novel, but you wouldn't know that from reading the book....full of suspense and alternates between different view points which added to the thrill of the book. The author has added some medical, psychological and supernatural elements.”

From One Hundred Books to read (To read the full review click here) by Helen

“A Circle of Souls is Dr. Preetham Grandi's debut novel, and it's such a priviledge to read it. The book is a real page turner that has kept me at the edge of my seat. If I didn't have any commitments that afternoon, I think I would have finished the book in one day. The pacing is fast as if the author isn't likely to waste time. The book takes the reader for a thrilling ride.”

From Baba’s Book Blog (To read the full review click here) by Babab

“I'm not sure if the author plans any type of sequel. I think the book ended so that another book could appear reuniting Dr. Peter Gram and F.B.I. Agent Leia Bines. Or perhaps you could have a sequel focusing solely on Agent Bines. In any event, a good book and one worth reading if you get the chance.”

From Yule Time Reading by Tracie

“There are several things about this novel that I think were really well done.  The chapters are short as they go from character to character.  In a thriller where part of the purpose is to keep you guessing this method of story writing works as you try and delve through the fact and characters. The distinct and clear writing made the novel easy to understand without giving away all of the answers.

The second part of the novel that I liked is the psychological depth of all of the characters.  The analysis was not just of the murderer, but the main characters as well.  There is a motive for each person whether that motive is pure of intention or is evil.  Each person has their own motivations and this novel goes into each person’s character without sounding like they are being analyzed.”

From Bless Their Hearts (To read the full review click here) by Nicole

“I read at LEAST 50 murder mysteries a year, so I feel pretty qualified

to say that Circle of Souls by Preetham Grandhi is one of the best

mysteries I've read this year!

I was fortunate to have been sent the book by the author for review, and I have to say I am so happy I got to read this book! I can't wait to see if Mr. Grandhi makes this book into a series! I am still in shock that this is his FIRST book! Talk about coming out of the gate and winning the race!

The mystery has many twists and turns. I liked that I thought I knew what the ending was going to be, but didn't feel like skipping ahead to verify it. A good book keeps you reading, because of the characters and dialogue push the story to the ending, and the reader wants to be part of the 'ride' to the end! the end has a twist that I did not see coming- I like to be surprised like that. It reminds of when I was a child reading and didn't know what was coming- the expectation gets met so much more as an adult! In fact, it made me want to go back and reread the story to what clues I missed-and I don't normally re-read books!

If you want a good read, pick up this book!”

From Passionate Book Lover (To read the full review click here) by Andreea

“I received A Circle Of Souls from the author, Preetham Grandhi and I really enjoyed reading this stunning psychological thriller!

When ten-year-old Janet is found brutally murdered in the sleepy town of Newbury, FBI agent Leia Bines is called in to lead the investigation.

Meanwhile, seven-year-old Naya is brought to the hospital because of her unusual sleeping behaviour. However, as psychiatrist Peter Gram tries to determine the cause of Naya’s agitating nightmares, he makes a shocking discovery: Naya begins to draw precise pictures of Janet’s murder after seeing these disturbing images in her dreams.

Since Naya’s drawings are the only clues that could help to solve the crime, FBI agent Leia Bines has no other choice but to take Dr. Gram’s help. Together they try to find out the truth about Janet’s murder and to locate her murderer. However, what they don’t know is the fact that Naya is in great danger.

Will they be able to save Naya and solve this disturbing murder case? If you want to find out, you’ll have to read this engaging book! I recommend this novel to everyone out there who loves psychological thrillers and stories full of suspense and mysteries!”

From My Life is an Efffing Fairy Tale by Sara

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was one of the best books I have read all year and I found it to be a very enjoyable, captivating read. I read it into the wee hours of the night... or morning... when I finally had to put it down, due to lack of sleep. I didn't want to finish this book yet I couldn't put it down!

Similar to Jodi Picoult, I feel that Grandhi's greatest strength is his characters. Grandhi crafts his tale with alternating narrations by the main characters in the novel -- the girl having visions of the murder, her child psychologist, the murderer, and the female FBI agent, while still leaving readers guessing as to "who dunnit." He combines the American thriller with the paranormal, creating a no-nonsense story that still retains a touch of magic. It's that magic that takes this story above and beyond, reminding you of destiny, and faraway lands that smell of spice and curry.

This book has something for every person -- suspense, psychology, culture, and paranormal. It is well-written and concise. He describes the gore of the crime scenes yet does so with a gentle hand. The action isn't non-stop but the lulls are still captivating. This is the way thriller blockbusters should be!

Now that I've finished reading, I've found that I miss the characters. I'm hoping for a sequel and a movie version.”

From It’s A Woman’s World (To read the full review click here) by Petula

“From the first line in the prologue to the last sentence of the final chapter, A Circle of Souls - Grandhi's debut novel - kept me reading every free moment I had. It's described as a "new kind of psychological thriller," which is definitely fitting.”

From The Book Worms Library (To read the full review click here)

“I also found that I was very relieved that Mr. Grandhi has avoided another frequent downfall of modern day crime novels, and has avoided the trite, cliche phrases that always sound more like Dirty Harry, than they do people living their lives in the real here, and now.  Yes, there was the occasional one.  And they didn’t go unnoticed.  However, there was nothing in this type of writing that detracted from the story at all.  I get frustrated when the investigating officers are always a down on their luck officer that knows everything, and no one else around them does; they always seem to be in trouble because of their powers of deduction, investigation, and pure courage in the face of overwhelming odds.  I never got that sense with Leia and Jose in this book.  They were simply people that had a job to do, and they gave their best to accomplish that job, before any more people had to die.  This only emphasized, once again, how talented Mr. Grandhi is at developing his characters as real people, and not the larger than life mythological entity that will always beat every odd.”

From A Garden Carried in the pocket (To read the full review click here) by Jenclair

“I liked the premise of the story: a young girl's dreams appear to have her in contact with another young girl who had been murdered recently.

The chapters are very short and switch back and forth between FBI Agent Leia Bines, investigating the murder of young Janet Troy, and Dr. Peter Gram, who searches for a way help seven-year-old Naya Hastings recover from her violent nightmares. Eventually, of course, the two story lines merge.”

From Readaholic (To read the full review click here)

“Every once in a while, I am caught totally off guard by an author. I figured that A Circle of Souls would be a good book based on the synopsis and some reviews that I have read. I must admit that I was highly impressed with Preetham's writing and story telling talent. Don't get me wrong, I knew by the information available that this book would have the potential to fly off the shelves. I did not expect to become a rabid Preetham Grandhi fan. He has captured this reader and I will more than likely be a fan for life. If you haven't read this book, you should pick it now so you don't miss out on this creative heart-pumping thriller.”

From Confessions of a Bookworm (To read the full review click here)

“I couldn't put this book down once I started reading it! From the outset, you are intrigued by how all of the events taking place tie into the brutal murder of the little girl. As events unfold, one can't help but be impressed by how the author ties all of the seemingly unrelated characters into the situation. A variety of lore and supernatural elements create a mysterious vibe which support the story in a way that doesn't seem cheesy or completely out in left field. It was interesting to see how a man of medicine responded to the numerous spiritual implications that his case set forth, and I think that his open-mindedness was very forward thinking of Grandhi. Many people perceive scientists as incapable of accepting "supernatural phenomena," but it is rarely the case. Science is completely open to the idea of natural and supernatural forces in our world, and this book does a great job of representing that fact.

One thing that I want to point out is that although the murder is described as "brutal", the book is in no way graphic. Aside from a relatively vague description of the body, there is no grisly detail about the murder itself, or the body. There's also no offensive language in the book, for those readers who find it objectionable. The writing flows well, and overall I feel the book was very well written. I would happily read another work by Preetham Grandhi in the future!”

From Mari Reads (To read the full review click here) by Mari

“A young girl is abducted and brutally murdered. Another is in the hospital after almost jumping off her balcony in her sleep. Could there be a connection between the two? It doesn't seem possible until Dr. Peter Gram begins counseling Naya, a young adopted Indian girl who is having very vivid and terrifying dreams.

I really loved the paranormal aspect of the story and how it plays into the mystery of the young girl's death. I liked the Indian myths and folklore and how it came into play, definitely not something I had read about before but very interesting and intriguing. The plot and pacing were perfect for a good thriller and made for a great weekend read.”

From My Two Blessings (To read the full review click here)

“Excellent, excellent psychological thriller that totally captured my attention and I had a hard time putting it down. The author, Preetham Grandi specializes in child psychiatry and his experiences make the story very real indeed. Naya has started sleepwalking and her parents are scare she is going to hurt herself. She is admitted for evaluation and during conversations with Dr. Peter, reveals dreams she has had about the murdered child and shows him drawings of her dreams. The murdered child was found on land of Peter's uncle - Senator Thomas Bailey, who is also running for president. He wants the FBI investigation wrapped up quickly and quietly. In the course of the investigation Peter and the FBI agent Leia Barnes meet and he tells her about Naya. They work together to help solve the mystery and prevent any future deaths.”

From J.Kaye’s Book Blog ) by Steve

“Sacrifices, predictions, dreams, gods, psychiatry, addictions, and childhood traumas all make “Circle of Souls” a unique and believable story. The ending was complete. No loose ends. I was pleasantly surprised of how the main characters’ issues were resolved. I read this in two days, but afterwards realized I should have read this all at once to keep the suspense and emotional flow going, and that’s what I recommend, taking the time to read this straight through.”

From Mike Draper (To read the full review click here) by Mike

“Well done and recommended.”

From Debbie’s World of Books (To read the full review click here)

“This book gave me goosebumps reading it.  The story opens up with the gruesome murder of a young girl and we follow the investigation of her murder as well as a doctor’s, Peter, challenge in diagnosing another girl’s, Naya, apparent sleep disorder.  We slowly come to see how the two are related and as the story progressed it was both chilling and touching to see the developing relationship between Peter and Naya as they come to terms with the cause of her night time wanderings.”

From Haiku Amy (To read the full review click here)

“I think the title of this book is a perfect description of how literally all the characters are tied together. I really enjoyed that aspect. The chapters tend to alternate between the two main groups of characters, so that really helps the book in terms of leaving you wanting more. It is definitely a page turner.

Another thing that I liked is the author's knowledge of child psychiatry. Where he actually is a psychiatrist, it makes the situations much more real for me. It really reminds me of another author I like, Robin Cook.

Since this book is about a murder, it is inevitable that we would have to hear some specifics about how it happened. I would call those parts a little bit shocking, but overall I didn't mind it. The author did a splendid job of keeping it from getting too disgusting to handle.”

From Confessions of a Bibliophile (To read the full review click here)

“One thing he does exactly right is create a very believable suspect that I was questioning until the very end.”

From Books and Things (To read the full review click here) by Melissa

“On the whole, however, I would say that this book is good. It holds you interest well and keeps you trying to figure out exactly how and why until those mysteries are revealed. One that gets the wheels turning in your head and satisfies you with a ending that makes you want more.”

From A Book Lovers Diary (To read the full review click here) by Jessica

“Several fascinating plots make up this remarkable debut novel by M.D., Preetham Grandhi. With alternating points of view, the author displays an incredible ability of combining strong, sympathetic characters with an intellectual plot that keeps the reader turning the pages! As i read this book, I found myself silently thanking the author for the flow this novel maintains between the different perspectives -- adding suspense and intrigue. As the story develops, the perspectives grow more captivating as they begin to intertwine. Add a dash of the paranormal to an already captivating read and you get an unforgettable story where nothing is as it seems.

The journey is worthwhile; and when the book ended, I was happy that the mystery was solved but sad to let the characters go.”

From The Crowded Leaf (To read the full review click here) by Alayne

“Overall, this is an excellent suspense/mystery novel that made me want the train ride to go longer so I could keep reading. An excellent book to fall into when you need to escape and want a good mystery to keep you distracted. It reminded me of James Patterson, but in a good way (since I’m not really a fan of his Women’s Murder Club novels) and I definitely recommend it if you’re fans of suspense and mystery thrillers. I enjoyed it far more than the four novels I’ve read by Patterson. Well done. I am really looking forward to seeing what he does for the sequel!”

From A Bookish Mom

“I must admit, this book was shocking. I haven't read many books about the murder of a young child. It kept my attention the entire time without my wanting to skip around. Any novel that can capture my attention is worth.”

From Midlife Mama

“This book is well-written, it has depth, the characters are real and well-rounded, and they are human, with human frailities. Both Dr. Gram and FBI Agent Leia Bines gain new insight into their own weaknesses, and they find the courage to face their fears and move on.

Run, don't walk, to the nearest book store or online store and buy this book! I can't wait for Preetham's next novel. He is definitely going on my list of "favorite authors."

From Froggaritaville’s Bookcase (To read the full review click here)

“I received this book from the author and I have to say this is book is great read. This suspense thriller is his debut book but you would not know that from reading it. The plot is original and interesting, the characters likeable and the story keeps you guessing to the end. The author is already working on a sequel to this book!”

From Mindful Musings (To read the full review click here) by Natalie

“I was pleasantly surprised by A Circle of Souls. I received this book from the author for review purposes, and wasn't expecting it, as a debut novel, to be anything great. I'm happy to say that A Circle of Souls was full of suspense and interesting, well-developed characters. It was a very entertaining psychological thriller, with a wonderful addition of Indian culture which made the story all the more appealing. Though this book is a rather new addition to the literary world, I expect it will be extremely popular in a few months once word gets out. I would recommend A Circle of Souls for those interested in psychology, crime novels, or for those looking for an overall thrilling read.”

From The Plumber’s Wife

“Although some might be put off that this book is about the murder of a little girl, I didn't feel that the details were distressingly graphic. The language is clean and the prose flows well. I wasn't bored for a minute and would recommend this novel for anyone who likes a good thriller.”

From One Book at a Time (To read the full review click here)

“I liked this book overall and felt it was a good and fast read. I especially enjoyed the psychological/paranormal aspects of the story.  It’s something that is so rarely done in this genre.”

From Just Books (To read the full review click here) by Sherrie

“This is a great book if you want to read a murder mystery. It's all there. And it has a serial killer they don't even know about until about middle way through the book. I also has to do with destiny and premonitions. When you die do you come back as someone else? This is a question that is put to Dr. Peter Gram. As the story works out Dr. Peter Gram, and Naya Hasting's has a predestined life that is about to collide. Throw in a friend who is hooked on cocaine and in debt up to his eyeballs and you have a really great book!!!”

From Boarding In My Forties (To read the full review click here) by Kathleen

“When a young girl is found murdered in the town of Newbury, Connecticut, the townspeople are shocked and horrified. The local police act quickly to enlist the help of the F.B.I to solve the heinous crime. Agent Leia Bines, an expert in recovering kidnapped children and solving murders, comes on the scene to help solve the mystery surrounding Janet Troy’s kidnap and murder. Meanwhile, a psychiatrist, Dr. Peter Gram, is embroiled in the strange case of seven-year-old Naya Hastings who is experiencing devastating nightmares, sleepwalking episodes, and what could more accurately be called visions. Her parents have brought her to the Child Psych Unit where Dr. Gram works, to have her evaluated and to hopefully determine what is causing her strange nightmares that have become more than dreams, they have become a catalyst for her to try to harm herself (jumping from a ledge) on at least one occasion. In the book, the two storylines end up converging and setting off a chain of events that had me on the edge of my seat, not wanting to put the book down.”

From Simply Stacie (To read the full review click here) by Stacie

“The thriller genre is one of my favourites and I found this book to be a captivating read right from the get go. I loved the author's engaging writing style that made me want to keep turning the pages. I liked the short chapters and I kept saying "just one more" into the wee morning hours. I brought this book with me on my trip to New York City and had it finished on the plane there!

The storyline and characters were believable. I was able to connect to the characters especially Peter and little Naya. I am also interested in the supernatural so was happy to see some of that weaved within the storyline. Its a fast paced book and I wouldn't say any part of it was boring. It kept me on the edge till the end and I didn't find it predictable like other suspense novels.”

From My thoughts..Your Thoughts

“This was a different sort of book for me. Being a psycological thriller, I didn't have an opinion or thought about what was going to happen. I haven't read much along that line. I found it really interesting. I liked that an FBI agent was willing to follow a lead that seemed a little strange. I'm not sure if it's realistic or not, but it doesn't matter. It worked well in this book. Leia, the agent for the FBI, even acknowleges that she's stepping into unfamiliar territory when she has to step away from the normal crime solving techniques.”

From Reading Cause I’m Addicted (To read the full review click here) by Kara

“Well, I'm glad to say that after reading A Circle of Souls I really enjoyed this read (not that I enjoyed people being killed). I loved the suspense. Throughout the novel, you got to see things from the killer's perspective but you didn't really know who he was till the very end. When I watch a movie or read a book, many times I can guess who did what before the author reveals it in their story but I was totally stumped until he revealed it at the very end. I also liked that the chapters were short, for some reason I just really like small chapters despite the fact that it doesn't change the amount of pages in a book. I heard that the author is writing another book, hopefully I can read and review it soon. I'm giving this book an A.

I really enjoyed it. :) “

From Thoughts of Joy (To read the full review click here)

“Even though I technically have been reading this book for almost a week, I actually read it in a very few sittings. It was definitely a fast-paced and intriguing read, especially with the assistance of short chapter.”

From CC Chronicles

“Grandhi takes the reader into the hearts and minds of the characters involved. His story is reminiscent of a classic Hitchcock tale. He keeps you glued to the book and on edge page after page until the mystery is resolved. He includes twist and hints that lead you to believe you know who the killer is before Leia and Peter, but then at the very end surprises you with a twist you didn't see coming. He does an excellent job of fleshing out the characters and making you care about the outcome. While there are some elements of the supernatural, he keeps these reigned in so that they don't come across as completely far fetched. He also connects his characters in a way that makes the phrase "It's a small world," come to mind. An engaging read, I highly recommend. Can't wait to read his next novel. Five out of five visions.”

From Rememorandom (To read the full review click here) by Stewart Logan

“The prologue was riveting and tragic, descriptive and vague, and bloody. It was one of those scenes that you can (morbidly) visualize. A young girl is found murdered in a small university town in Connecticut, and a FBI agent comes to investigate. Another young girl is enrolled into a child psychiatric hospital for evaluation. Her doctor, Peter, notices some peculiar attributes to the girl and a possible connection to the murder. From here, the story takes off until an impressive (albeit short) climax.

Some things I liked about A Circle of Souls. The book was fast paced and read quickly. It kept me up late one night flipping pages until I was too tired to continue. I really liked the care and compassion Peter had for his patients. The idea behind the slaaf was intriguing. The book was logical, succinct, and laid out cleanly.”

From A Bookworm’s World (To read the full review click here)

“The book diverges from the standard crime novel and explores reincarnation and destiny as part of the plot. The details of Indian culture and beliefs definitely added much to the novel.

Grandhi has created an excellent, believable character in Gram. As Grandhi is a child psychiatrist himself, this characters's actions and dialogue and settings ring true. Agent Bines is a character I would like to see again - I think she could be developed further. The whodunit became obvious to me about three quarters of the way through, but didn't detract from the read at all. I did find the ending went on a little longer than necessary, almost as an added aside to try and develop the 'personal' part of the story between Peter and Leia.

Not my usual style of crime thriller, but all in all, a solid debut crime novel with some paranormal aspects. A second novel is planned featuring Dr. Peter Gram.”

From As Usual, I need more Bookshelves (To read the full review click here) by Elizabeth

“This was a fairly entertaining debut novel. I was in the mood for a good suspense novel, and this book really hit the spot. It didn't immediately grab me - I think because the first few chapters jump fairly rapidly from one perspective to another - but I was interested enough in the premise to keep reading. Before long, I found myself immersed in the story, and found the remainder of the novel to be a very quick read.”

From Babbling About Books and More (To read the full review click here)

“I was glued to the pages of A Circle of Souls and had no clue who the killer was. Some of the blurbs I have read about this book compare Preetham’s writing to Hitchcock and I can certainly see the comparisons. There are twists and turns that bring in a supernatural element, especially in regards to Gram that is surprising. Gram may seem to be more of a secondary character in this all, but he becomes a very important focal point, even more so than Naya.

Preetham does have a skill at writing child characters and I enjoyed Naya and the way she looked at things and her interactions with Gram and that of her the poor murdered Janet. The only graphic scenes are in the beginning when Janet’s body is found.

If you like psychological thrillers, A Circle of Souls really excels in this aspect.”

From Feathered Quill Book Reviews (To read the full review click here) by Deb Fowler

“This book mesmerized me like no other book has done in some time. It was not a book with twists and turns at every step, but rather one that tugs the reader right along. I didn’t have to be tugged very hard because this book was so superbly crafted I felt like reading into the wee hours of the morning (and I did). If you’re looking for a psychological thriller, this has to be the best game in town!”

From Reading Extravaganza

“I was really taken by A Circle of Souls and its author Preetham Grandhi. It is his debut work and I think he did an excellent job. I have read scores of thrillers, especially psychological ones, and therefore I do consider myself an amateur expert on this subject. I can tell you that it’s no easy task to write a gripping tale that will keep the reader with their nose in the book until the tale is over. And I can also safely tell you that Mr. Grandhi accomplished just that. There aren’t too many characters which keeps the picture simple and clear enough for the reader to concentrate on the main plot and follow it without getting confused about who’s who and who’s done what. When I write simple, I don’t mean a story with not much depth to it. Quite the opposite, there is a lot happening but it’s easy to follow all the events and I think it’s a plus that readers are given a few main characters to think about without being blindsided by a parade of people who bring nothing to the table and their only purpose seems to be confusion. I think that most of you know what I’m talking about. Many possibly good thrillers got ruined this way. A Circle of Souls is thankfully not one of them. For a debut novel and beyond that as well, it’s a very good, sometimes even scary and full of action thriller. I enjoyed it from the first page to the last (I know it sounds a little cliché but in this case it really is true) and I am already waiting impatiently for what Mr. Grandhi produces next because he certainly is a skilled author that knows how to give us good thrills.”

From Pick of the Literate (To read the full review click here)

“Grandhi has created a nail biting psychological thriller. His characterization of the slaaf is simply chilling. Dr. Gram’s skepticism is well played and justified, considering what he is dealing with and what he finds out about himself. Agent Bines soul searching would be inevitable considering that in her work a mistake may mean the life of a child. The story was laid out well and the outcome was certainly not predictable. It was a good read, not necessarily a comfortable read based on the subject matter, but an engrossing, compelling story none the less.

I recommend the book.”

From Reading Frenzy (To read the full review click here)

“There are several elements I liked about Preetham’s style of writing. First, I liked his short, punchy chapters. I also enjoyed the way he wove the different stories together to come full circle to where they connected.

I also liked how he described the characters so you really felt like you knew them and understood their thought processes. You knew whether you were supposed to like a character or not because their personalities came through in the writing.

Plus, it was an interesting story line integrating several belief systems, including Hinduism and Jamaican voodoo.

As you get toward the end of the book and you think you have it figured out, Preetham throws a curve ball and provides a surprise ending that makes perfect sense.

Great read, super writer … I’m looking forward to more work by this author in the future.”

From Jenny Love To Read (To read the full review click here)

“Each character is likable, and I even empathized with the killer. Yes, the killer too. I am not condoning the actions, but mental abuse leaves scars that no one ever sees. It can guide one's future behavior for better or worse. I'm just saying that you would be messed up too if you lived through the killer's past. No wonder there are so many senseless things that happen to people today.

I also picked up on some ritualism in the book, with respect to how rituals can help us deal with our emotions. When bad things happen, we return to routines or rituals to get us through. How we cope with disappointment and betrayal is important, and we need to have healthy ways of dealing with these issues. There is always a brighter side to life, even on the cloudiest of days.

The author is a psychiatrist and I like how he incorporated his residency and training into the novel. I work in health care and am a geek so I love that sort of thing. The manner in which Peter works with Naya is refreshing because I think psychiatry sometimes gets a bad rap. He really cared for Naya and wanted to do everything in his power to help her.

I do wish more of Naya's Indian heritage was included in the story, but that's just me. I liked that piece of the story quite a bit.

All in all it was an excellent story and I would definitely read another one of Grandhi's books.

My Rating: 90/100”

From Luxury Reading (To read the full review click here)

“A Circle of Souls explores the many ways that humans deal with childhood trauma and tragedy. It is written in a tone of hope and compassion, rather than the cold cynicism that is often used in murder mysteries. Grandhi is a child psychologist himself, and his love for his patients is delivered through the words and actions of Peter. Although their experiences are different, Peter and Leia both endured difficulties during childhood, which developed their desire to help and protect children. The passion they have for their work written through the voice of a compassionate author is what makes this novel much more than another murder mystery.

For many readers, and even for the characters in the story, believing that Naya is communicating with Janet is difficult, but Grandhi offers a believable solution. I’m not very familiar with Indian culture, but reincarnation and the concept of the seeked one are easy to understand through the words of Mr. Iyengar, Naya’s uncle. The story comes together nicely at the end, showing readers that while the scars of childhood influence people in many different ways, healing is possible.”

Please note some reviews could give away the story, so please beware before you read the full review.

From The Midwest Book Review:

“Author Preetham Grandhi, M. D., is an immigrant from Bangalore, India and has written a fascinating debut novel, A Circle of Souls. This book is compelling because of Grandhi's career in child and adolescent psychiatry. He is devoted to children and is a Chief of Service for House 5 at the Bronx Children's Psychiatric Center in New York City. Grandhi also is a graduate of Yale and has a private psychiatric practice for children.

Grandhi weaves an unusual story line. His main characters, Dr. Peter Gram, FBI agent Leia Bines, and a 7 year-old Indian girl named Naya, converge in an effort to unravel the brutal murder of 10 year-old Janet, who has mysteriously disappeared on her way home from school.

Naya is a patient in the Newbury, Connecticut hospital. Dr. Gram becomes her physician. She had been admitted previously for a sleep-walking disorder and horrendous nightmares. Her parents feared for her life. In her dreams, she sees Janet, the dead girl, and has audible conversations with her. As result of their friendship, Naya draws vivid pictures of these dreams, depicting an elephant, a red building, a figure with black hair, and a dismembered body of a young blond girl. Naya's chilling dreams and puzzling art work become the real clues which assist the authorities in pursuit of the perpetrator.

This book is not only about a gruesome murder of a child. It also reveals spiritual elements of Indian philosophy such as, the concept of a previous life and passing of one soul into another. This belief may seem strange to American culture and tradition, but whether you believe or not, this is a definite eye-opener to a different culture and Grandhi makes you think about it!

A Circle of Souls is a psychological thriller, mixed with suspense, the supernatural, strange cultural phenomenon, and the fascinating world of child behavior. Grandhi has the ability to open your mind and pull you into the characters' lives so fast that you cannot put the book down. His experience, together with his unique background, plainly shows the pure, honest, and natural behavior of children. At the same time, he delves into the demented, deep, dark, depths of delusion and its subsequent atrocities.

This is an adventure in the "who-done-it" idiom that will keep you speculating. Highly recommended!”

Spirit and heart in a murder story:  Brent Robison "Editor, Prima Materia" reviews A Circle Of Souls

From Take me Away (To read the full review click here) by Jenny

“A Circle of Souls was very engaging and I enjoyed it. The author, Preetham Grandhi, is a child psychiatrist and the facts and knowledge that he wove into the novel were interesting.”

Westchester Chronicles: Issue Date: March 2008

 Reviews A Circle of Souls.

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